Marqeta helps you lock in customer loyalty before people even walk through your door.
Higher purchase sized • More frequent visits • Stronger relationships

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It adds up for your business.

They're the customers you want. The ones who shop week after week. Who spend real money. Who tell their friends. What if they could commit to you before they even walk in the door? Now they can. With Marqeta, customers support you by paying in advance. You support them with bonuses you set. You lock in loyalty with no new POS system, no training and no fees until customers spend. They lock in extra buying power. Everybody wins.

A few more ways it adds up for your business:

  • Capture customer spend before customers walk in the door.

    With Marqeta, consumers pre-pay multiple visits to your store before they shop. That way, you lock in their spend up front and reward them on the back end.

  • No infrastructure investment.

    All transactions work within your existing POS system. Because Marqeta redemption runs on the Discover Network, all your associates have to do is swipe the Marqeta card – our system takes care of the rest.

  • Merchant controls the offer.

    Through our dynamic Merchant Portal, you define the parameters of your campaigns – including pricing, limits and timing.

  • Pay only for performance.

    Marqeta’s marketing fee only applies when consumers accept an offer and commit funds – getting started costs nothing, and there are absolutely no hidden costs, whatsoever.

  • Rich data capture and targeting.

    Our technology enables you to gather rich customer behavior, transaction and demographic data you can use in future marketing efforts, including data from multiple merchants in the Marqeta network.

Your marketing dollars. Just a whole lot smarter. ™


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